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Thank you to all who attended
IGWA's 2019 Spring Conference!

The IGWA board would like to thank all of our great presenters, the DMACC Newton Campus, our caterers, and our fantastic inquisitive audience!

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Introducing the 2019 Board Members


Eddie Haj has a diverse background in geological sciences.  His current research interests are focused on the application of interdisciplinary approaches to surface water and groundwater management issues.  His research projects often include elements of conventional and geophysical subsurface investigation, geomorphology, hydrology and runoff modeling, glacial and alluvial stratigraphy, sediment transport and sourcing, and groundwater flow modeling.  He also has experience applying future climate scenarios to hydrologic models to provide a better understanding of the potential surface water and groundwater responses to climate change.  Eddie is passionate about increasing IGWA's state presence and involving young professionals and students in IGWA conferences.



Rose Amundson has served IGWA for two terms as a Board Member Director where she has planned conferences, secured speakers, arranged facilities, and acted as interim Treasurer.  Rose is an environmental consultant.  Her experience includes Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, sample plan development, remediation investigations, and groundwater and contamination transport modeling. Her skills include historical research, field data collection, report development, GIS mapping, and Risk Based Corrective Action evaluation using Iowa DNR Tier 1 and 2 software.  Rose is a Certified Groundwater Professional and holds a BS in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in Hydrology.  


Claire Hruby, Ph.D., has worked as a geologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for 15 years. She currently coordinates Iowa's Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program.


Katie Goff is an environmental scientist for Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, a civil engineering firm
located in Johnston, Iowa. Her role with Foth involves wetland and waters of the U.S. delineation, threatened
and endangered species assessment, environmental site assessment, and stormwater and green infrastructure
facilitation. Katie received her B.S. and M.S. from the University of Iowa in Geosciences. Her graduate work
focused on geochemical weathering indices of Quaternary soil profiles in the Clear Creek Watershed, near
Coralville, Iowa. Katie is passionate about continuing the research and education surrounding our
groundwater and surface water resources.


Bob Libra worked for the Iowa Geological Survey for 35 years, as a staff hydrogeologist, supervisor of groundwater and stratigraphic studies, and the last 15 years as State Geologist. He retired in 2017. His experience and interests cover a wide range of Iowa’s geology and groundwater resources, from quality to quantity, resource mapping, and groundwater protection strategies; with a long history research on the relationships between agricultural practices and groundwater quality. Bob was a founding member of IGWA and has degrees in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and Indiana University.


Born and raised in Delaware county farm in NE Iowa, graduated from West Delaware in 1982, started working for Ogden Pump Service in the summer of 1981 and worked full time there after graduation pulling residential well pumps and operating backhoe and equipment installing water systems. In 1988 I started with Northway Well and Pump Company operating service rigs, rotary and cable tool drilling rigs and moving into management and sales in 1990 providing well and pump services to Industrial and Municipal clients throughout Iowa and western Illinois.  Married to my wife Jen, a daughter and three step children. Spend my free time hunting and fishing and enjoy taking out young children guiding them to nature on hunting and fishing trips. Hopefully with my background in the well industry I could be of a benefit to the board on as many key issues as possible. 


Molly was born in Iowa and returned to Iowa after completing college and 8 years working in the Oil Fields of US and North Sea, UK.  She is a geologist and water quality scientist applying engineering technology to assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. In addition, she manages and coordinates staff working with DOT, landfill operators, private and governmental entities comply with regulations and promote health and safety.  Molly lives and works in eastern Iowa, which she affectionately refers to as the East Coast of Iowa. Previously she served as Secretary, Director, VP and President of IGWA; currently serving as Director.



My name is James Goodrich and I have worked in the environmental and civil engineering consulting world for 18 years now. I have been a certified groundwater professional since 2008 and am currently employed by Impact 7G. During my tenure in this industry I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments; risk based corrective action assessments related to leaking underground storage tank and hazardous materials releases; vapor intrusion assessments, wetland delineation and mitigation planning, threatened and endangered species assessments, and onsite waste water system evaluation, design and permitting. I have facilitated multiple remediation and environmental permitting projects, with specific responsibilities in budget preparation and review, project reporting, regulatory agencies liaison services, and quality review and assurance.   I have three sons two of whom are freshman at City High School and a 3rd grader at Lucas Elementary in Iowa City.  My interest away from work include spending time with my wife and kids when they’ll let me, trout fishing, cycling, music, cooking and hiking the local woodlands while watching my dog try to make friends with unreceptive wildlife.   I have been attending the Iowa Groundwater Association meetings since 2008 and would appreciate the opportunity to promote the objectives of the Iowa Groundwater Association by being appointed as an editor during the January 1, 2019 through December 2020 term. Thank you for this opportunity!